Stabilized soil mixing station and water stable mixing station what to do  Stabilized soil mixing station is an automatic and continuous operation of large equipment for mixing various types of stabilized soil mix, widely used in high-grade highways, urban roads, squares and airports chinese famous brand dasion concrete batch plant for sale construction construction; water stable mixing station is used industrial building dedicated to the mixing water stable material large machinery. Stable pellets required for mixing concrete and other building roads, national highways, urban roads, airports, road construction in a wide range of applications.    Stabilized soil mixing station and water stable mixing station with mixing material difference in a slightly different one for mixing soil stabilization materials, one for mixing water-stable materials, stable soil material generally refers to the use of lime, cement, fly ash and other binder and soil, gravel or other aggregate mixing together. The water-stable material is generally cement, fly ash, graded gravel. For the purposes concerned, both of which are widely used in the construction of grass-roots stabilize soil highway, city roads, 2013 hot js2000 concrete mixers machinery price squares, airports. Continuous production mixing two different gradations of gray gravel, lime stabilized soil, industrial waste soil stabilized soil finished material. Concrete mixing station pre-operation instructions  Concrete mixing station consists of mixing console, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage system and control system and other five major systems and other ancillary facilities components. In concrete mixing station equipment, cement is usually stored in a cement silo by screw conveyor transported to the mixing console in order to prevent leakage of cement, accurate delivery amount, must be prepared to understand and correct the link helix and cement silo.   Henan Xin is a professional manufacturer of construction equipment, concrete mixing station is now an indispensable equipment in the construction industry, our technical staff will tell you in detail specific link concrete mixing station in screw conveyor and cement tanks: Before mounting body specially designed to make the normal operation of the inner shaft by the force high efficiency low cost hot sale electric cement mixers in china of the helical tension, which tension borne by the thrust bearing inside the front seat to prevent the lifting gear and shaft seat pressure, to avoid pressure generated by the bolt shaft sweep bore phenomenon. After the installation is complete, to open each loop power switch, check whether it is normal, under normal conditions, the device does not work, the conveyor running lights are not bright, inverter and other lights. Also to be noted that all kinds of people can not touch the screw conveyor moving parts, non-professionals are not free contact with electrical components and control buttons.